Welcome to Expressive Feat Productions

Expressive Feat Productions is a contemporary circus arts company that aims to create challenging and accessible touring works for theatres and the street.

For outdoors:

“Park Life falls somewhere between A Clockwork Orange and The Keystone Cops… Hidden somewhere in the greenery of an urban park, well away from prying eyes, a sinister game of cat-and-mouse is being played. A rope, suspended from a unique spiralling sculpture houses the dangerous interplay between our four bizarre characters – the Killer, the Undertaker, the Lackey and the Whore.”
For studio theatres:

“Ulteroir Motives is a triptych of aerial pieces investigating the ongoing conflict in Palestine/Israel. Two lives pieces and one short film, the work challenges audiences to question not only what is going on in the Middle East, but also invites them to question, What is Circus?”

Post Author: Regine Powell