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Welcome to Expressive Feat Productions

Expressive Feat Productions is a contemporary circus arts company that aims to create challenging and accessible touring works for theatres and the street.

For outdoors:

“Park Life falls somewhere between A Clockwork Orange and The Keystone Cops… Hidden somewhere in the greenery of an urban park, well away from prying eyes, a sinister game of cat-and-mouse is being played. A rope, suspended from a unique spiralling sculpture houses the dangerous interplay between our four bizarre characters – the Killer, the Undertaker, the Lackey and the Whore.”
For studio theatres:

“Ulteroir Motives is a triptych of aerial pieces investigating the ongoing conflict in Palestine/Israel. Two lives pieces and one short film, the work challenges audiences to question not only what is going on in the Middle East, but also invites them to question, What is Circus?”

Why You Should Encourage Screen-Free Playtime

Toddlers’ play has unquestionably changed. It appears in the wide variety of internet activities for kids these days. Thus, it is easy to think too little of their benefits. What happened to playing with toys like Barbie, LEGO, robots, Paw Patrol toys, etc.?

Researchers found that youngsters today are keener on screen-based play. It means they prefer tablets to toys (indoor screen-free playtime) and outdoor space fun (outdoor screen-free playtime).

While many little ones continue to love LEGO, Paw Patrol toys, and trampolines, it is clear that virtual enjoyment is extra enticing for them.

Importance of enjoying with novelties

When it involves playtime, harmony is vital. Screen-based play offers little ones with many benefits like easy access. Nonetheless, these should not negate playing with novelties and outdoor sports. Those supply important perquisites.

Here are some reasons why screen-free playtime is still beneficial.

Builds problem-solving proficiencies

The entire world is a lawn where problems grow all year. Enjoying toys such as LEGO bricks or Paw Patrol toys can equip them with problem-solving skills.

Say, how can they construct a durable LEGO tower that will not fall? Toys including LEGO bricks urge kids to contemplate and develop solutions.

Promotes team effort

The ideal novelties will urge little ones to come close to others and share their techniques. Verbal communication is a critical talent. A honed verbal ability will benefit them in academic institutions, open-air adventures, and beyond.

Additionally, they should not be hesitant to dabble in friendly competition. Shortly, they will learn about the notion of success and losing.

Motivate them to enjoy novelties like Paw Patrol toys with other youngsters. This is a great means of introducing them to those two unpreventable aspects of daily life.

Develops hand-eye coordination

Babies possess immature sight. Therefore, their hand-eye synchronisation does not function so adequately, too.

To establish their hand-eye synchronisation, provide them with different basic novelties like balls. As they hold a ball, they learn the key function of their hands, boosting their hand-eye coordination.

Increases the pace of intellect development

Neutral playthings (LEGO, Minecraft toys, My Little Pony toys, musical instruments, etc.) develop kids’ gray matter a lot faster than gender-specific playthings.

Say, the University of California observed that tunes speed up infants’ mind advancement. The National Association of Music Merchants Foundation (NAMM) also noticed that children who studied musical instruments were skilled at Maths.

When you’re shopping for playthings, it’s far better to purchase the neutral ones.

These are the important perquisites of toys. Your young children would certainly miss out if they continue neglecting them. Predominantly, playtime needs to feature a mixture of screen-based, indoor- and outdoor screen-free play.

So, where is the optimal location to buy Paw Patrol toys?

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Do not allow your kid to miss the rewards of entertaining play. Reward your precious youngsters excellent quality and training playthings.

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